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2020 Annual General Meeting

So like everything in the world today our AGM has been effected by COVID.

With the re-imposed restrictions in metro Melbourne meaning that we will not be able to follow on from a Sunday morning training session with the AGM as we planned to and did last year. We have now had to move into the world of the online meeting to hold this.

As such the CSMCC Annual General Meeting is to be held Online via the Blue Jeans website. Please follow the link below to join on the day.

You will have the option to install the Blue Jeans “app” or you can just continue in your browser. The link to do that is below the “download the App” buttons in very small writing. If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to ask and we will give what help we can.

All members, supporters and past players very welcome.
This year’s AGM will include some very exciting announcements.

Looking forward to seeing you all “there” as the club takes the next step to on field and off field success.

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