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A Message from the President.

Hi Swans,

Please see the latest information update on playing dates for Premier Cricket just released today from Cricket Victoria. As you’ll see, the structure is based on scenarios, with decision dates listed.

The priority of Cricket Australia and Cricket Victoria has been with a priority to start cricket as soon as possible, whilst ensuring safety to all involved is paramount.

Cricket Vic have also recently made available their latest return to train policies and guidelines. Please see link below, but please note, updates are regular and are changing rapidly.

Hoping everyone is staying safe and trying to keep active both physically and mentally in these crazy times.

The committee has been working very closely with council and Cricket Victoria to understand and implement return to train and play policies. Our priority as a committee is and will continue to be to return to train and play as quickly as possible whilst providing an environment that is safe for all involved.

Cricket Victoria asked that all clubs appoint a designated “COVID officer”. It was decided that I be appointed. Note, we have had approximately 8 committee, volunteer, coaches and players attend the online certificate for COVID officers. Thank-you to all who took the time to complete this course. As COVID officer I am attending regular CV zoom meetings which are represented by all clubs, the group is sharing ideas on all things COVID related to ensure we are all prepared for train and play when allowed.

Our coaching staff and leaders have also been very proactive in ensuring that we remain connected as best we can in ISO, with various initiatives including Strava, player profiles and video sharing of players and volunteers. All great initiatives and congrats to all involved.

If anyone has any queries or concerns COVID related I encourage you to contact me direct on 0438632299 or

Looking forward to seeing all your faces at the AGM 7.00pm 11th August.

Best regards

Shaun Petrie President

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