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Message from the President

Hi Bloods players and supporters,

Just a quick update on off season happenings.

It’s been an incredibly busy period for the committee and coaching crew. I’m excited to advise that we’re super organised and well ahead of schedule for this time of the year. We’ve had countless meetings and activities covering a wide range of topics including preseason and practice match scheduling, City of Casey meetings to discuss facility upgrades, contact with local clubs to improve our relationships, huge work by Mat Pearson and his Damian Fleming Academy crew, Cricket Victoria meetings, supporters club etc etc.

You would have noticed the new partner/sponsorship offer for 2019/20. We’re really relying on our members and supporters to help find us some new sponsors.

We’re also finalising roles and tasks for the upcoming season and we’ve flagged a few holes that may require filling. If you or anyone you know feel you may be able to assist in any capacity please see below:

  • Sponsorship officers, this involves visiting potential sponsors, explaining the options and working with them to get them on board.
  • Player sponsor manager
  • Scorers for 3rds and 4ths
  • Working with Children and RSA certificates manager
  • First aid manager
  • Merchandise manager and assistants
  • IT specialist to assist with cloud based information storage and scoreboard
  • Thursday night meals
  • Thursday night/Saturday raffles
  • Bar assistants for Thursday nights, social events
  • Social committee
  • Canteen and bar managers to oversee operations
  • Cleaners
  • Trip away manage

Supporters club helpers Please contact Shaun Petrie direct on 0438632299 or if you’d like to assist in any way.

Cheer Cheer.

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