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Practice Match @ Endeavour Hills

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Below are the teams against Endeavour Hills for those who haven’t been able to access them.


Quirk, Jared Maxwell, Wallace, Sperling, Wyatt, Eaton, Pollock, Hadfield, Lambden, Dowling, James Maxwell.


Benedek (C), Fry, Adihetty, Jac. Long, Jam. Long, Clymo, Wilkinson, Phillips, Chandrasinghe, Shobit Singh, Serong.


Pearson (C), Bardwell, Fernando, Gamage, Gamage, Jones, Atkins, Lambden J, Majoka, Packer, V Singh, Andrews, Puri, Halingode.

Where: Sydney Pargeter Reserve, Power Road Endeavour Hills.

Arrival time: 9:30am sharp.

Endeavour Hills will be putting on lunch.

Good luck, go swans!

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