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Pre-Season Begins…

Are you ready for pre-season training?

Well you better be, as we are about to go steaming into the new season.

First up will be an early morning at Casey Fields. Saturday the 4th of July at 8:15am! The coaches wish to commence at 8:30am with a gentle 4k time trial and some strength and conditioning before a BBQ breakfast to finish off the morning.

Then we will move to the indoor facilities at Casey Stadium for the bulk of our pre-season sessions.

First indoor session is on Sunday 19th July 9:45am to Midday.

Second indoor session is on Sunday 26th July 9:45am to Midday.

Third indoor session is on Wednesday 29th July 5:45pm to 8pm.

From then on sessions will be every Wednesday and Sunday, at the same times as listed above, until at least mid September.

Practice match details will be conveyed once they are allowed and organised.

If you don’t know the address of Casey Stadium it is :

Building 4, Terry Vickerman Centre 65 Berwick-Cranbourne Road Cranbourne.

As with all things currently, these sessions could be subject to change due to COVID restrictions, so you all need to keep in contact for any such changes. Also do take the time to have a read of the Cricket Victoria guidelines contained here :

So are you now ready to steam into the new season? See you there.

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