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Return to Training.

Hi all, following today’s CV COVID meeting please see below updates.

Pencil in start to training Tues 20th October, following expected gov announcement on Sun 18th October. BK will confirm further details.

As everyone has seen we need to be in groups of 10 + a coach. Those groups need to stay together for the session, but coaches can swap groups at any time.

Spectators allowed at training in no more than groups of 10. But we ask they keep their distance from all training groups.

Unfortunately Club rooms will not be open, only outside toilets.

No communal drinks, club will not be supplying, please bring your own.

Get changed before you arrive, ready to train. Not at your bag.

Do not put all bags together, and do not gather in same area when padding up or finished batting.

If you are not batting, bowling, fielding or running, wear a mask.

Confirmed season start of 21st November, 17 one day games.

Practice matches 7th Nov and 14th Nov TBC if allowed by gov. BK will confirm details.

See you all on Tues 20th!!!

Cheer Cheer.

Shaun Petrie

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