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Round 2 teams

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The club had some positive results from round one, with the 1st and 4th XI’s winning their matches.

The 2nds narrowly lost in a nail-biter with the 3rds also losing.

The players are looking forward to the weekends games and bring home six wins.

This week we welcomed Luke Wells to CSMCC, to captain the 1st XI for the remainder of the season.

We are excited to have Luke and the club wishes him luck this year.

Teams for Round 2 are the following:

1st XI (Arrive 9:30 am): Wells (C), Quirk, Wallace, Sperling, Wyatt, Eaton, Pollock, Hadfield, Lambden, Dowling, Jam. Maxwell.

2nd XI (Arrive 9:30 am): Jar. Maxwell, Mitchell, Benedek (C), Jam. Long, Clymo, Fernando, Van Raay, Adihetty, Fry, Wilkinson, Serong.

3rd XI (Arrive 10:45): S. Singh, A. Chandrasinghe, Jac. Long, Pearson (C), L. White, Jones, Perera, Davis, J. Lambden, Halangode, Phillips, Atkins.

4th XI (Arrive 10:45): Bardwell, R. Sharma, B. White, A. Puri, D. Gamage, N. Sathajayith, Majoka, M. Gamage, J. Packer, J. Scotland, K. Sathiyaseelan (C), J. Singh.
Don’t forget, all games are starting an hour later, so all players, please take note of arrival times.
Congratulations to all players selected and good luck this weekend.
Go Swans!

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