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Round 4 Teams

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We are back to red ball cricket!

Teams for round 4 against Melbourne are listed below.

1st XI (Arrive 9:30 am): Wells (C), Quirk, Jar. Maxwell, Sperling, Wyatt, Eaton, Pollock, Hadfield, Lambden, Dowling, Fry.

2nd XI (Arrive 9:30 am): Wallace, Mitchell, Benedek (C), Jam. Long, Clymo, Fernando, Van Raay, Adihetty, Jam. Maxwell, Wilkinson, Serong.

3rd XI (Arrive 10:45): S. Singh, A. Chandrasinghe, Jac. Long, Pearson (C), L. White, Jones, Bardwell, Davis, Scotland, Halangode, Phillips, Atkins.

4th XI (Arrive 10:45): Perera, R. Sharma, B. White, J.Lambden, D. Gamage, N. Sathajayith (C), Majoka, M. Gamage, J. Packer, Kulkarni, Rahman, P. Singh.
Good luck to all selected!

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