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Round 5 Teams

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Round 5 is upon us and hopefully, all sides can play with the red ball against Camberwell this weekend!

A couple of injuries has forced some changes in the 1st XI and Michael Wallace earns his spot back in the team after making a classy hundred last week against Melbourne.

Teams are the following:

1st XI (Arrive 9:30 am): Wells (C), Quirk, Jar. Maxwell, Sperling, Wallace, Wyatt, Pollock, Lambden, Serong, Jam. Maxwell, Fry.

2nd XI (Arrive 9:30 am): Van Raay, Mitchell, Benedek (C), Eaton, Jam. Long, Clymo, Fernando, Adihetty, Davis, Wilkinson, Atkins.

3rd XI (Arrive 10:45 am): Pearson (C), Jac. Long, Halangode, Phillips, Bardwell, Chandrasinghe, L. White, Jones, Perera, Allaway, Fraser, Sathyajith.

4th XI (Arrive 10:45): Hanger (C), Packer, D. Gamage, J.Lambden, Kulkarni, Majoka, B. White, P. Singh, Rahman, Sharma, B. Lambden, J. Singh.
Good luck to all selected and don’t forget our second function is happening on Saturday night at the Casey Fields Oval 4 clubrooms, for more information head to

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