Round 6 Teams vs Dandenong Thanks to Holmesglen

Round 6 Teams vs Dandenong Thanks to Holmesglen

Round six is upon us as the Swans take on Dandenong in what looks to be an exciting weekend of cricket.

The firsts and seconds will be playing a Saturday/Sunday game against Dandenong, with the thirds and fourths having a slightly different weekend.

They will play Dandenong on Saturday in one-day conditions however with a red ball and whites.

The teams against Dandenong thanks to Holmesglen are the following:

1st XI (Arrive 9:30 am): Wells (C), Quirk, Jar. Maxwell, Sperling, Wallace, Wyatt, Pollock, Lambden, Serong, Jam. Maxwell, Fry.

2nd XI (Arrive 9:30 am): Van Raay, Mitchell, Benedek (C), Eaton, Jam. Long, Clymo, Fernando, Adihetty, Davis, Wilkinson, Dowling.

3rd XI (Arrive 10:45 am): B. Lambden (C), Jac. Long, Halangode, D Gamage, Bardwell, Chandrasinghe, L. White, Jones, Atkins, Allaway, Fraser, Sathyajith.

4th XI (Arrive 10:45): Hanger (C), Packer, Phillips, J.Lambden, A Puri, Majoka, B. White, P. Singh, Perera, Sharma, M. Gamage, J. Singh.
Good luck to all players selected!

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