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Two Swans in State 2nd XI Team

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Thursday night is selection night for us but during the week we had some bigger selection news with two of our players selected to play in next weeks State 2nd XI match at the MCG of all grounds.

Big congratulations to both Ashley Chandrasinghe and Ruwantha Kellepotha on your selections.

Both players have put in the years of preparation and effort to get them to this place and time in the careers. Ashley having worked his way up through the grades with us at the Swans while also having been a part of the Victorian Development Squads through the years. Ruwantha having come through the ranks back in Sri Lanka before moving to Australia and playing in the DDCA before joining us here at the Swans this season.

Head coach Will Carr had this to say about Ash when talking with Star News Groups Nick Creely

“Carr described Ashley as the perfect advertisement for young cricketers joining Premier Cricket clubs.

“It means so much for the club – to have someone to start in our fourths and work his way through the grades, it’s almost the perfect story,” he said.

“He’s only 19, his journey is only beginning, but so much has happened so far – it’s a great story for him and the club, and an advertisement that you can come to a club in a lower grade.”

Carr said he hopes his young star can inspire the next wave of players at Casey Fields.

“There’s a stigma that if you don’t start in the first or second XI there’s no point.

“It’s not true, you can start in the fourths and with the right environment and development you can work your way to a higher level.” “

Head coach Will Carr had this to say about ‘Rooey’ when talking with Star News Groups Nick Creely

“Carr said that ‘Rooey’s’ selection for Victoria was perhaps out of the blue, but unsurprising at the same time.

“It happened that one of the selectors was at our game and saw Rooey ball, and they’re looking for certain things depending on skill sets and what gap they have in their squad,” he said.

“It all married up really nicely – he bowled beautifully, he knocked over three premier batsmen in the competition.

“It means so much – he loves his cricket, he’s so passionate about the game, I’m wrapped on a few different levels.”

Carr said that Kellepotha’s decision to step away from local cricket has already paid dividends.

“He’s got an opportunity to do this, but his decision to go to Premier Cricket has already been vindicated – he’s one round in, and we know there’s work to do, cricket’s full of ups and downs,” he said.

“He’s experienced, he’s not a 17 year old that’s had a lucky day out – there will be some raised eyebrows for sure, but if you pull back the layers, he’s just turned 30 and has a wealth of experience.

“He’s got the body of a 25-year-old, he bats, he fields, he bowls, he’s not a one-trick pony.

“It goes without saying, he’ll be looked at across all three formats.” “

And it goes without saying that all in the Swans Family are well and truly behind these two as they take this step in their cricketing journeys on Monday morning at the MCG.

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