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You, Your Club and COVID

So Swans people, with training about to get under way there are two things that you should consider doing to assist all of us in containing our risks in relation to this current COVID-19 pandemic.

First of all would be to download the governments Covid-Safe app to your phone. We will be in groups and the social distancing might not always be enough. Also, once we go indoors, it may be required of us all to have it in order to use the indoor facilities. We do not know at this stage what restrictions may be in place at Casey Stadium.

The second thing to consider is to perhaps take the time, under fifteen minutes, to complete the COVID Infection Control training. As a club we need to have at least one certified person at each training session and probably at each match moving forward into the season. If we ,as a club, can have multiple players and parents/partners certified across all grades then we should all feel more assured about how we go about our preparations for this season. If we have multiple people certified then we know that we are set up as best we can be to deal with what this pandemic may still throw at us during the season proper.

Most of all we want all players and their families to feel in a safe environment at the club. We get this by all doing our part to make it so.

Remember, if you feel at all sick it is best to stay away from training.

A big thank you to Select Office Supplies Office Choice Warragul for helping out with supplies for Saturdays session.

Take care Swans.

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